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Launching the Class of 2k17: Book Your Adventure!

The Class of 2k17 launched today and I’m thrilled to be part of it (last year’s class includes recent NYT best-sellers Evelyn Skye and Roshani Chokshi, as well as some of my most anticipated 2016 releases: Erin Summerill’s Ever the Hunted, Traci Chee’s The Reader, Jessica Cluess’s A Shadow Bright and Burning, and Tara Sim’s Timekeeper).


To celebrate the launch, we’re giving away four copies of Class of 2k16 books and a fun tote bag: full details on the website, where you can enter the giveaway!

This year’s theme is “Book Your Adventure,” and we think most readers can find something to suit their taste.

Books are, after all, my very favorite kind of adventure.


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